Prints and Licensing 

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Prints are mounted on an aluminium dibond.

Prints on Fuji Crystal mat or brilliant

This material gives an amazing result, sharpness, colour and brilliance. This is the most commun material used in galleries. The photo can be displayed directly on the wall thanks to the hanging system. This consist in a metal rail, system used by the professional galleries. It is really easy to attach your photo on the wall. This rail leaves a space between the photo and the wall, making your print stand out. The print is durable, thanks to protective UV layer. 


Prints are also available with frame. Please contact me for price details and model.


Different formats are available from 40 cm to 150 cm width for some of images. Big formats are limited editions. All my prints are signed and limited edition prints are signed and numerated.


It generally take 2 weeks to be delivered after your order. Delivery fees depends on the order. 

Apartment im Vintage Loft Stil Leder Sofa leinwand Vinyl Regal


40 cm width - 85€ unframed 

60 cm width - 140€ unframed 

80 cm width - 195€ unframed 

120 cm width - 390€ unframed

150 cm width - 590€ unframed 

How to order

Please contact me using the contact form telling me which photo and size you would like, I will send you all  information you need as well as the shipping price. 


Please contact me if you would like to use one of the photo for your website or other product. Price is variable depending on needs. 

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